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December 14, 2022

SCCA National Convention Schedule Available

SCCA National Convention Schedule Available

While many assume the Sports Car Club of America is built around hosting motorsports events, it’s the gathering of people that built the Club. The first official SCCA meeting took place on Feb. 26, 1944. Nearly 10 months later, on Saturday, Dec. 16, 1944, SCCA hosted yet another gathering, but this time it was dubbed the first Annual Meeting. Seven Club members attended that gathering, but word of the SCCA was spreading. By 1950, the Annual Meeting attracted 125 members, with 200 showing up for the evening’s dinner.

In modern times, the Annual Meeting is followed by the SCCA National Convention – and in 2023, the whole shebang will be held virtually and for free, as it was in 2021 and ’22. If attendance in 2023 rivals that of the previous convention, expect north of 800 members to register.

The Annual Meeting and SCCA National Convention is a must-attend event for all looking to grow themselves as a member, improve their Region, and spread the love of motorsports.

The Jan. 19-27, 2023, SCCA National Convention, which kicks off with the Annual Meeting, is free for all Club members and takes place in the comfort of your own home via computer, phone, or tablet. So click the register button below, then read on to discover what’s in store.

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2023: Engage!

“The SCCA National Convention has always been about the people,” says Chris Robbins, SCCA Director of Region Development. “While you’ll be able to attend educational and informational sessions about our competition programs, everything the SCCA does is about engaging the members in support of the broader motorsports community. One of our primary focus areas in 2023 is the volunteer Club leaders and event officials who are key to SCCA’s future success.”

The SCCA, Robbins explains, is stronger when the members are committed to and focused on the purpose of connecting auto enthusiasts through memorable, shared experiences.

“That’s what ‘Engage 2023’ is all about,” he says of the 2023 SCCA National Convention’s theme. “Participants in the SCCA National Convention will have an opportunity to engage with some of the best experts in their field. There will be dozens of presenters who have volunteered their time to share their experience with you, and we ask that you commit to taking away at least one thing in each session.”

A Fantastic Opener

The 2023 SCCA National Convention begins on Thursday, Jan. 19, with the Annual Meeting at 7 p.m. CST, followed by the SCCA Road Racing awards at 8 p.m. CST. On Friday, Jan. 20, the National Convention shifts gears with the official event kickoff at 5:30 p.m. CST. At 7 p.m. CST that evening, the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place, which includes Member of Excellence and Woolf Barnato presentations.

Read more about the incoming Hall of Fame class here.

The opening weekend features town halls for numerous competition types, and there’s more going on that you won’t want to miss as the week progresses.

Keynotes: A Fantastic Lineup

Keynote speakers often define a convention – and the keynote speakers at the 2023 SCCA National Convention will not disappoint. Keeping to the 2023 National Convention’s “Engage” theme, multiple speakers will take to the virtual podium, hitting on topics that will pique everyone’s interest. And while we don’t want to give away all of the SCCA National Convention’s secrets just yet, there’s one keynote speaker in particular we can’t help but tease.

British historian and Goodwood instructor Harry Sherrard will dive into the famous Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed. From the Goodwood estate’s founding in 1697 to its involvement with World War II, the circuit’s motorsports early glory years from 1948-’66, and the event’s impressive rebirth in 1998, if you’ve ever glimpsed coverage from Goodwood, you’ll know that this is a must-attend presentation. Plus, Sherrard notes, it’s no coincidence that Goodwood’s early years heavily align with the foundation and rapid growth of the SCCA.

Can’t-Miss Sessions: Highlights

A topic that has been at the top of many minds is green-flag road racing. The longer a race remains under green-flag conditions, the happier drivers, crew, and workers become. Therein was born the “Green-to-Checker” movement, and thanks to that initiative, SCCA has learned a lot. In this convention session, there’s a lot you can learn, too – and while you’re at it, ask the presenters any questions you might have.

Autocross is an incredible sport – it’s even more impressive when you consider competitors can build competition vehicles that will cross over to other forms of motorsports. Curious? There’s an SCCA National Convention session with everything you need to know.

Ever wonder what SCCA is doing from a branding perspective? The SCCA Marketing Department will review the changes and advances made across 2022, share the National SCCA marketing strategy for 2023, preview the road map for further engagement in the future, and discuss impacts and benefits to Region efforts. And if you’ve got a particular marketing or branding question related to your Region or events, the marketing department’s “Office Hours” is where you’ll want to be for informative one-on-one sessions.

More to Come

While there are many sessions that have been locked in, there’s plenty that we’re still working on for the Jan. 19-27, 2023, SCCA National Convention. That’s what we’re doing – what do you need to do?

Whova is where you’ll find event registration, with Whova’s app (for Android and iPhone) and website housing more details and the schedule, as well as ways to contact the SCCA Staff and other convention attendees.

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