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October 25, 2021

See Your Face at Indianapolis – For Free!

See Your Face at Indianapolis – For Free!

Last week we told you about the Runoffs photo block, where you may see your car, team and more on-track from the SCCA Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Those shots are way cool and sorted by class for purchase at a good price. You can get more information here.

BUT! There are also a collection of photos that are less formal. Shots from around the paddock, on the grid, on the podium, and kissing the yard of bricks and more.  

These are the photos you need to check out! We can’t guarantee you are in them, but… they are free. See and friend and want to email them? Go for it. Looking for a picture of your friend to put on a coffee mug? You can do that too!

Visit the Runoffs photo page to see what’s available for you, free or otherwise!

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Photo by SCCA Staff/Jon Krolewicz

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