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August 19, 2022

Sign Up Now: Contingency Programs for Solo Nats, RallyCross Nats, and Runoffs

Sign Up Now: Contingency Programs for Solo Nats, RallyCross Nats, and Runoffs

With the 2022 SCCA National Championship season upon us, it’s time to register for the generous competition contingency programs offered through the Sports Car Club of America. Be it the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships (taking place Sept. 6-9), the RallyCross National Championship (Sept. 23-25), or the National Championship Runoffs (Sept. 24-Oct. 2), there’s a contingency program that’s got your name on it.

Before we jump in, let’s dispel a few myths – the predominant one being that only first place benefits from motorsports contingency programs. That is utter balderdash, hogwash, and malarky! At the Runoffs, for example, Sunoco’s Hard Charger Award celebrates those gaining the most positions during each race. In this case, a spectacular run from 46th to 30th could gain you the honor and the prize. Meanwhile, Falken Tires has a prize for those finishing as low as 15th in Solo Spec Coupe during the Solo Nationals. Not an easy feat, for sure, but companies like these want to celebrate more than those at the front.

Another concern is that it costs money to register for these contingency programs. That’s hokum as well. In fact, registration is not only free, but it’s so easy that it involves little more than a few clicks of the mouse. The only cost to you is the time it takes to apply the required (and free!) stickers to your car prior to the event.

Regardless of whether you’re competing at the Solo National Championships, RallyCross National Championship, or the Runoffs, there’s a contingency program for you. Check them out:

Solo National Championships

The Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships, taking place Sept. 6-9, 2022, in Lincoln, NE, boasts contingency programs from Hawk Performance, Falken Tires, Eibach Springs, Hoosier Racing Tire, Mazda Motorsports, and Toyota Racing Development.

Think you need to win to take home cash and prizes via these contingency programs? Think again! Falken Tires offers payouts as far back as 15th in SSC, with both Mazda Motorsports and Hawk Performance celebrating classes as deep as fifth. Winning isn’t bad, either, as Toyota Racing Development’s contingency program is offering $1,000 for a win, while Mazda Motorsports is paying out $800, Hoosier is giving two free tires, and Eibach has a set of springs to award.

Registration for SCCA-administered Solo National Championships contingency programs require preregistration as well as filing a post-event claim form. Registration for Solo National Championships contingency programs through SCCA is separate from the season-long contingency programs (in other words, you need to register for these programs separately). Finally, some Solo National Championships contingency programs require registration through the individual company rather than SCCA, so be sure to follow the instructions on the contingency program form.

Click the button below for more info.

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RallyCross National Championship

The RallyCross National Championship is heading to Colorado for the first time in more than a decade. Landing at Pikes Peak International Raceway on Sept. 23-25, 2022, this year’s RallyCross Nationals will be one everyone wants to attend – in fact it’s already sold out!

If you’re among the lucky ones who get to compete in Fountain, CO, this September, be sure to check out the RallyCross National Championship contingency programs. Hawk Performance is offering payouts as far back as 10th place, with the winner claiming a $250 Hawk certificate. Hoosier Racing Tire is offering payouts for the podium, with first place scoring a free set of tires. And Kracken Concepts Racing has a contingency program offering discounts to the top three finishers in each class.

Preregistration for contingency programs administered by the SCCA is required and is completely independent from any contingency program offered during the regular competition season. Some RallyCross National Championship contingency programs require registration through the individual company rather than the SCCA, so be sure to follow the instructions on the contingency program form.

Other rules apply, so click the link below to find out more.

Register Now!

National Championship Runoffs

With an astounding 27 contingency programs, the National Championship Runoffs, taking place Sept. 24-Oct. 2, 2022, at VIRginia International Raceway in Alton, VA, has something for everyone. There are simply too many fantastic details to list when it comes to these contingency programs, but suffice it to say, regardless of which part of the field you race in, there’s a program for you.

Here’s a master list of companies offering Runoffs contingency programs: Hawk Performance, Summit Racing Equipment, Sunoco, Tire Rack, Bell Helmets, Carbotech Performance Brakes, Eibach Springs, Ford Performance, Goodyear Tire, Hyperco, PAGID Racing, Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies, Penske Racing Shocks, Pirelli Tire, SCCA Enterprises, SPA Technique, Tilton, Trans Am, Toyota Racing Development, Function + Form, G-LOC Brakes, Hankook Performance Tires, Hoosier Racing Tire, Mazda Motorsports, Nissan Motorsports, Trivinci Race-Keeper/Road-Keeper, and Speed Sport Engineering are all on board to help make your Runoffs experience one to remember.

If you registered for contingency programs through the SCCA for the regular Summit Racing Equipment SCCA Road Racing competition season, the Runoffs contingency registration process is very similar – and remember that Runoffs contingency programs require separate registration from the regular season. Runoffs contingency registration must be completed before the big race, and not all programs are administered through the SCCA, so pay close attention to the instructions on the contingency program forms.

With so many programs to sort through, you’d better click the button below and get started right now.

Register Now!

Photos by Rupert Berrington and Jay Bonvouloir

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