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March 2, 2021

Soak Up The Benefits Of SCCA Membership

Soak Up The Benefits Of SCCA Membership

The Sports Car Club of America is one Club, but it seems there are as many reasons for joining the Club as there are people in it – about 67,000 of them! And while it may seem that “participation” is the main reason people join, we’ve got a whole list of other reasons that you should, too.

Member Benefits Program

Let’s start with the easiest to put a price on – actually saving money by being an SCCA member. 

The SCCA Member Benefits program is a discount program for, naturally, SCCA Members. Those discounts range from a specialty code for rental cars all the way through employee pricing on a brand-new Mazda. The only requirement for most is that you’re an SCCA member – when you log in to your My SCCA account, you’ll get code or the link you need for each and every program.

In addition, there are some that you may have missed. Each year at membership renewal time, your card comes in the mail. Look in the envelope – you’ll find some more discount goodies in there as well!  

Get Your Benefits!

Discounts on Events

Remember that whole “saving money” thing in the Member Benefits section? Get ready for more – and this one is even more fun!

Some “non-licensed” events – think Time Trials, Track Night in America, and some Regional autocross and rallycross days – will allow you to compete without a full SCCA membership. It is, truthfully, a great way to bring a friend or dip a toe in without a full commitment.

But if you plan to come back, over and over, because you’ve had fun? Oftentimes, you’ll save money just by being an SCCA member. Two off the top of our head – Track Night in America is $10 cheaper for an SCCA member; and the Tire Rack Time Trials National Tour is a whopping $50 cheaper for SCCA members – almost covering the year’s membership right then and there!

And we should be clear – we understand this can be a big decision. Up to two Weekend Memberships over a six-month period can be applied to your full membership – so if you do change your mind later, we’ve got you covered!

SportsCar Magazine

Features, news, photographs and more come in every issue of SportsCar Magazine, and a subscription is included for every household that holds an SCCA membership. SportsCar Magazine has been the official record of the Club, dating back to the beginning, and is a great way to keep up on events you may have missed.

SportsCar is published by our friends at RACER Media and Marketing, the home of RACER Magazine, so the quality remains high, colorful and fresh. And there is also a digital edition and archive available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are.

Read Now!

Licenses, Participation and “Just-In-Case”

Want to compete at the top level? Want to participate in flagging and communications, or tech, or timing and scoring at road racing events?

An SCCA Membership allows you to do that! A road racing competition license requires a membership, with rare exceptions, and National-level autocross events require an SCCA membership as well.

But here’s where it really comes in. While it’s possible at some events to participate on what you may know as a Weekend Membership, there’s a “just-in-case” benefit of being an SCCA member, too. SCCA Membership comes with $1,000,000 supplemental medical coverage when participating at SCCA Sanctioned events, which is rarely used but certainly important. The Non-SCCA member limit is much, much lower at just $30,000. 

The People!

The best reason, in our minds, to be an SCCA member is the SCCA membership! The unofficial SCCA slogan is “come for the cars, stay for the people,” and why wouldn’t you – with 67,000 like-minded car and motorsports enthusiasts, you’re bound to find someone to bond with. Lifelong friendships and relationships grow from the SCCA regularly, and there truly is a path for everyone here.

Photo by Jon Krolewicz

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