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June 8, 2020

Social Distanced Events Easier with Digital SpeedWaiver

Social Distanced Events Easier with Digital SpeedWaiver

As shelter-in-place orders continue to be lifted and allowances for the size of gatherings grow, many SCCA regions are starting to host events across the country, and we are happy to announce that the long-anticipated online waiver—called SpeedWaiver—has been approved for use for SCCA events.

SpeedWaiver is a service—offered by Hagerty Motorsports, LLC—that allows event participants to sign the event waiver electronically and contribute further to running physically distanced events in order to keep participants and staff safe.

For Event Participants

Once a region signs up for SpeedWaiver, no sign in or pre-registration is required to sign an SCCA waiver. So, whether you’re a guest, a walk-up, a driver or a worker, you can sign the waiver in a digital format right from your own phone with a quick three-step process.

Step 1: Visit the waiver link provided via email, text or by scanning a QR code onsite

Step 2: Enter your name and phone number, take a selfie with the app, read and sign the waiver

Step 3: Show your digital credential at the gate or check-in when you arrive at the event

Regions have the option to employ the functionality at a nominal cost from SpeedWaiver, so stay tuned for specific announcements from the region(s) where you participate.

As a Region Leader

All pricing for the product is direct from SpeedWaiver and starts at $5/month for up to 10 waivers and $29/month for 125 signed waivers each month (there are bigger plans as well). And, they automatically upgrade and downgrade your plan based on usage, so you won’t have to worry about downgrading your plan for months you have fewer or no events.

Currently, the approval of SpeedWaiver for SCCA regions and events only covers the next 60 days. However, we anticipate an agreement will be reached within that time to offer the service for future events as well.

For additional information, head over to The site has all the details, a demo video, pricing and direct support for getting started.


While SpeedWaiver can take care of specific event waivers, annual waivers will continue to be an analog process… but with a new digital twist. That’s because last week, we launched the ability for you to upload important documents to your Member Account Portal instead of mailing (or emailing) it. Just sign it and get it witnessed, then scan and upload it straight to the Membership department for review.  To upload, just sign in, head to “My Profile” and locate the “My Documents” area where you’ll find the upload button.  

Photo credit: David Spratte

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