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August 28, 2017

Solo Event #5 2017 – Results

Category: Solo


Hazy skies kept us from burning anything other than rubber and maybe a little gas at the Eastlake lot. I think we got our longest course times yet out of the little lot. The Cone Killer award went out to a 5-way tie of two cones each, and you could count the DNFs on one hand. [Retraction: I originally had only looked at the morning heat. The afternoon saw the morning’s wager and decided to double it.] Sounds like a solid course to me! As always, thank you to everyone who made it out!

Next event is September 24th. Register here if you haven’t already. You can also sign up for volunteer work here.

Speaking of volunteering:

New for the next event and every event after, everyone who signs up for a core work assignment gets a $5 rebate/discount. You deserve it! If you want to pre-pay online, just pay full price and talk to us at the trailer when you check in.

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