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September 6, 2017

Solo Season Standings

Category: Solo


[Updated to reflect sixth event results.]

With our fifth event behind us, we’re now over ⅔ of the way through the season. It’s now time to post the points standings thus far. To qualify for points, you must attend at least ⅔ of the events in a given class. The people who currently qualify for season points consideration are:

Season Leaders
Driver Class Current Points
Ed Dale AS 45
Evan Smith BS 45
David Thum DS 45
Betsy McIntyre DS 22
Brian Estanek GS 32
Haans Petruschke HS 42

Those who have a chance to qualify are:

Needing one more event…
Driver Class Current Points
Kerianne Sidoti BSL 36
Alex Salimian DS 16
Brian Wetrich ES 30
Thomas Emelko FS 28
Jason Pokines GS 27
Michael Wyban STF 30
Michael Oswalt STX 30
Preston Lapping ASP 36

As a reminder, those who compete unopposed in their class will be re-grouped at the Solo Chairperson’s discretion and ranked by PAX. Season standings will be updated after each remaining event for the season.

Good luck to everyone!

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