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November 24, 2021

Spare a Dime for DCTC Driver Training Track?

Spare a Dime for DCTC Driver Training Track?

Positioned about 30 minutes south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, Dakota County Technical College’s (DCTC) Driver Training Facility in Rosemount, Minnesota, is an invaluable resource for both the local community and SCCA efforts. The training circuit has multiple layouts which can be as long as 2.8 miles, and since 2016 the venue has hosted several Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack events each year.

Jim Unger, DCTC’s Driver Training Facility manager, said the compound came into existence in 1994 and has a wet skid pad, defensive driving and evasive maneuvers instructional areas, and a space dedicated to serpentine exercises. Year after year, Unger has done patchwork repair on asphalt exposed to harsh weather conditions. That piecemeal work is no longer viable, however, and the time has finally come for a major overhaul.

Today, DCTC is seeking at least $1.3 million for a complete resurfacing project at the facility. They’ll need to remove all the current asphalt and redo the whole track. The college is looking to the State of Minnesota for a chunk of that funding, but is also seeking help from generous donors to make the project a reality and a success.

The Driver Training Facility is used year-round with something happening at the site every single day from May through the end of November. Police and fire departments from throughout the region, as well as some military units, utilize the grounds for training purposes, and the facility is home to many teen driving courses. Additionally, motorcycle clubs use the track along with several different car clubs for autocross activities. Thus, keeping the venue in good working order has a far-reaching impact.

How to Donate

Submitting an online donation to this cause is simple, but follow the steps below carefully to ensure your funds end up in the correct pot. Once you get to the donation webpage (link found below), enter an amount and then click on the “Donation Categories” dropdown menu and select the “Other (please indicate below)” option. Then find the “Other Donation Category – Please Indicate:” section and type in “Track Renovation.”

Complete the rest of the form as you see fit, and know that donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. If you want to go “old school” and submit a donation by U.S. mail, the physical address to do just that can be found at the bottom of DCTC’s donation webpage.

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Photo by Joe Wilson

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