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January 15, 2021

Treks and Other Regional Rallies

Treks and Other Regional Rallies

Recently a member of the National Events Committee (NEC) said that in order to find out what parts of the RoadRally Rules (RRRs) apply to Regional Rallies you have to do “some serious digging.” It has also often been expressed that the organizers of Regional Rallies should not have to refer to the RRRs in order to put on their event.

In order to address both of the above concerns the Road Rally Board (RRB) has created a new section of the Rules & Documents page of the RoadRally section of The new section is entitled Treks and Other Regional Rallies and replaces the former Trek section. This section contains documents that the RRB feels will help Regional Rally Organizers with the preparation of their event. Let’s look at the documents included in the new section:

  • Trek Rules, which have been updated for 2021, can still be found here.
  • An expanded version of Appendix A Rally Requirements by Type from the RRRs is included. The Regional Rally category has now been split into new columns for Treks, Social Rallies and Charity Rallies as well as the previously included Regional Rallies. Sections of the RRRs which apply to each type are indicated. Sanction and insurance fee information is now included here as well. Previously much of that information was only included on the sanction application.
  • A sample two page set of General Instructions for GTA rallies.
  • A sample two page set of General Instructions for TSD rallies.
  • A sample addenda to the TSD General Instructions for events using a GPS timing application. Hopefully this will eliminate the need for organizers to “reinvent the wheel.”

Hopefully Regional Rally organizers will find the new section helpful, but if you feel that there are other items that should also be included in this section please let the RRB know (  

Photo by Scott Harvey

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