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July 9, 2021

Turn Your Love of Cars into Income!

Turn Your Love of Cars into Income!

WANTED – Passionate opportunists seeking career growth and flexibility. Are you looking for an opportunity to drive some of the world’s finest automobiles? Does traveling the country and experiencing major cities such as New York, Miami, Dallas, LA, and Chicago sound exciting? Do you like to interact with people and elevate them to center stage? Welcome to the stimulating world of event marketing and one of the leading providers of engagement solutions for major worldwide brands – EventLink, LLC. This company works with premier brands such as BMW, Porsche, Jim Beam, U.S. Navy, Electrify America, Allstate, Audi, and Cadillac to develop and execute consumer experiences across the USA. They currently staff and operate the most robust fixed facility driving schools in the country; the BMW Performance Centers in South Carolina and California, along with the Porsche Experience Centers in Georgia and California. Additionally, they run major national consumer driving tours for BMW, General Motors, Alfa Romeo, and many other brands.

Building a brand presence and creating a memorable experience brings with it years of strong creativity, executional expertise, and dedication to excellence. EventLink is committed to providing the best solutions for the multitude of agency and brand clients we service. They have created numerous events for the family of Beam Suntory adult beverage brands consisting of airport sampling, sports themed rewards programs and traveling road shows. Other events include science and health and wellness themed tours for the Adler Space Planetarium, Northwestern Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Their past experience includes the construction of an 11-acre automotive driving theme park in the heart of Las Vegas and themed driving vacations in some of the country’s most spectacular areas. EventLink rides on the cutting edge of technology with programs that focus on electric vehicles, autonomous tech and a sustainable future as demonstrated by their relationship with Electrify America and various OEM’s.

EventLink’s significant footprint is well-known in the automotive category, but they also have expertise in categories such as adult beverage, health & wellness, insurance, sports, and gaming. The event space provides many interesting options in developing the right program for the unique needs of their clients. As a complete provider of a full portfolio of services for these partners, including creative, strategy, planning, execution, and measurement, they are the one-stop shop solution for marketing events.  

For anyone interested in a dynamic career across a wide variety of compelling fields such as professional driving, brand ambassadorship, event management or CDL/logistics services, EventLink will provide you an opportunity for professional growth and personal satisfaction. Click here to check out current career opportunities. 

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