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April 14, 2020

When It’s Time for Wine, Mazza Vineyards Got SCCA’s Back

When It’s Time for Wine, Mazza Vineyards Got SCCA’s Back

Sequestered, we are all doing our part for the greater good knowing #funwithcars will happen in short order. Still, things are a little “weird” at present. Perhaps homeschooling your children is more challenging than anticipated, you’ve seen neighbors you never knew you had, or you’re learning new things about your partner’s quarantine habits.

Nerves frazzled? Yes, of course. So, let’s talk about wine. Specifically, the “Official Sparkling Wine” of Sports Car Club of America® produced by Mazza Vineyards.

In 2020, Mazza Vineyards has once again stepped up as the “Official Sparkling Wine” of the Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA® Super Tour, Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo® and SCCA National Championship Runoffs®. Podium finishers at each of those events will be awarded a bottle of Mazza sparkling wine with a custom label commemorating the achievement. In the meantime, get your scrumptious Mazza Vineyards offerings online at and support an SCCA partner and friend. Mazza Vineyards ships to most states, and shipping is free to SCCA members! Just log into SCCA’s Member Benefits webpage to learn more and discover the special, SCCA-only shipping coupon code.

Mazza Vineyards was founded in 1973 by Bob and Frank Mazza. Since then, the vineyard gained prominence, counting several awards to its credit. Located in northeast Pennsylvania, Bob has served in an official role to help further the needs of wine makers in the state. The flagship vineyard is also part of Lake Erie Wine Country and the Pennsylvania Winery Association. The company has grown to the point where the Mazza family has moved into producing other high-end spirits and beers. Mazza Vineyards is the family’s flagship brand, while Mazza Chautauqua Cellars and Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing are newer, New York state-based brands. And the Mazza family is currently producing hand sanitizer through its Five & 20 distillery. Nearly 3000 gallons of hand sanitizer is in production, plus another 400 gallons to be added each week. That is being made available to departments of health, health care workers, non-profits, retail customers and others. You can learn more at the Five & 20 website.

“It’s been fun watching SCCA competitors celebrate with Mazza Sparkling Wine over the last several years,” said Bob Mazza, founder and principal at Mazza Vineyards. “I’ve been racing since the early ‘90s and know what it means to come home a winner. We’re proud that Mazza Vineyards can help commemorate that achievement at Hoosier Super Tour and Tire Rack ProSolo events, as well as the 2020 National Championship Runoffs taking place at Road America.”

Deanna Flanagan, SCCA Director of Road Racing, is pleased to once again have Mazza Vineyards aboard since the company’s sparkling wine has played an important role at SCCA victory podium ceremonies over the last couple years.

“In 2020, victory podium celebrations may look a little different because of measures needed to address coronavirus,” Flanagan noted. “However, we know the customized Mazza Sparking Wine bottles winners receive will still be a cherished keepsake marking a driver’s achievement and success.”

So, while we all wait out this pandemic thing, let’s take a moment to envision how awesome it will be when SCCA winners get to pop the cork and once again spray Mazza Sparkling Wine. It’s something to look forward to and an activity we hope is not too far off in the future.

Photo Credit: Tradd Slayton

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