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January 12, 2015

An Open Letter to Prospective Members

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Dear new or prospective SCCA member,

This letter is to give you a little more information on NEOHIO Region and SCCA. Also included is information on various positions within the Regions Racing, Rally and Solo activities.

What is the SCCA?

Since 1944, the Sports Car Club of America has been a national group of automobile enthusiasts who have banded together, 60,000 strong, to help support their love of racing. The SCCA has divided the country into 9 areas called divisions: for example NEOHIO is in the Great Lakes division of the country. NEOHIO Region is one of 19 regions in the Great Lakes division dedicated to the support of auto sports of all kind.

What does NEOHIO Region do?

We are a membership organization that facilitates and supports racing events in the greater North Eastern Ohio area.

Solo (Autocross)

Test your driving skill as you drive your car through a course of cones in a parking lot. All you need is a driver’s license, a car, and a helmet: no special equipment needed. Your car will undergo a safety check before the event. Speeds rarely exceed 60 mph and every second counts.

Time Trials

A mini version of a road race on a closed course. You get three laps each session to better your drive time. This is an excellent opportunity to fine tune your driving skills before the bigger and faster road racing.

Road Racing

This is where you start rubbing doors in cars that have roll cages on a Road Course (rubbing doors is highly discouraged, however). Successful completion of an SCCA driver school and road racing license is required.

Hill Climbs

This competition is a time trial, up a hill, on a closed public road course in cars with roll cages. Fastest one to the top wins.

Road Rally

Also known as a time, speed, distance rally. This is not about how fast you go, it is about how accurately you can cover that distance in a given amount of time. Clues are given for each leg of the race. If you arrive too early or too late at the end of each leg, you get penalty points. This contest is held on public roads at below the posted speed limit and the fewest points wins.


Your passion for motorsports may present itself in a number of ways. Motorsports is more than just driving, and there are a million-and-one ways to get involved. Running an event requires the talents of a wide variety of dedicated individuals. Whether you’re talking Rally, Solo or Road Racing, our members enjoy serving in all types of exciting positions. Get started now and who knows where you’ll end up? After all, the SCCA provides staff to every major road racing event from IRL to NASCAR and Formula One.

Joining the SCCA

For new prospective members, how do you join the SCCA? The SCCA website is Click on JOIN SCCA and fill out the application at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to tell the SCCA that you are from region #24 NEOHIO region.




The Northeast Ohio SCCA is a regional chapter of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). We are Ohio’s home for every motorsports enthusiast


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