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September 8, 2021

Help Save the Monza at Adkins Raceway and Speed Center

Adkins‘s Raceway, a historic 6-turn go-kart track in Port Washington, is one of the last tracks in the country to maintain one of its original design features, the Monza, a turn with almost 30 degrees of banking! Adkins Raceway has been a family-run and operated track since 1982, spanning three generations. After several years of dormancy, the track was officially reopened in 2015 by Kyle Adkins. Operations and ownership of the facility have now been taken over by Brandon Adkins, Kyle’s son, and Jamie Wince.

The property that the facility is located on is subdivided over multiple plots and was still owned by Brandon’s Grandparents. Due to their failing health, portions of the property were required to be liquidated, and unfortunately for Brandon, the Monza turn partially sits on one of those plots. The Monza plot of land was recently sold at a liquidation auction and the gavel price was significantly higher than expected.

Help is needed to pay the bill for the Monza plot. Once the bill is paid, improvements can continue to be made at the facility, making it a great destination for racers of all types and all ages. The motorsports community is like family so let’s help however we can to save the Monza!

A GoFundMe has been set up to help raise money that will go towards the purchase of the plot of land where the Monza is partly on.

Adkins Raceway:

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