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March 24, 2021

Longest Day of Nelson

This is a 24 hour endurance race for production based vehicles.  It is open to vehicles that meet safety requirements outlined in the 2021 SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR) Sections 9.3 & 9.4 and Appendix I.  Cars that fall within the performance envelope established by the organizers and compete in other series (PCA, BMW, AER, ChampCar, WRL, etc.) are eligible and welcome. Registration for teams opened om March 1st.

Teams that enter before April 15th save $200.00 on the entry fee.  Also, Pit Space selection will be based on the receipt of a team’s entry.  Enter early to get the best choice of Pit Space!!!

For individuals that don’t hold a current SCCA Competition License, there are a couple of ways to qualify to compete in this event.  There are 28 other organizations whose competition license is recognized by SCCA.  If you don’t hold a license with one of those organizations, there is a path to licensing for competitors with prior racing experience in other organizations.  Additional information can be found here at the Waiver Procedure Letter.  Please note the term “Divisional Licensing Rep” is synonymous with “Divisional Administrator of Licensing” and the contact information for that person is at the bottom of the page.

Nelson Ledges Road Course is located at 10342 OH-305 in Garrettsville, Ohio.

For the most complete information on SCCA rules (known as the GCR or General Competition Rules), follow this link:

More details and registration information are available at these links:

Driver/Team Registration:

Volunteer/Worker Registration (open now):

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