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June 25, 2024

Neohio Drivers Brave the Weather at the June Sprints

Category: Club Racing

Author: Jennifer Dietz

Congratulations to our Neohio racers that went to Road America this past weekend for the Weather Tech 2024 Chicago Region June Sprints – June 21-23. From what we saw and heard Mother Nature threw all types of weather at them.

Brian Farnham – FV – 6th Saturday 

Mark Farnham – FV – 10th both days

Jim Dietz – FF – 13th Saturday 

Rob Dietz – FF – 11th both days

Rob Piekarczyk – BSpec – 33rd & 21st

David Strittmatter – FP – 9th & 6th

Larry Funk – FP – 11th Saturday 

Thomas Gaydos – FP – 13th & 10th

Jonathan Davis – SM – 4th both days

Ryan McManus – GT1 – 5th Saturday 

William Moore – GT2 – 17th & 12th

Harbir Dass – SMX – 27th & 14th

Chase McIntyre – SMX – 28th & 18th

Sandy Satullo III – SRF3 – 3rd & 6th

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