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January 26, 2015

Richard W. Gent

Category: Hall of Fame


201 Inductee

Dick Gent’s thirst for speed began shortly after World War II ended. He bought an Elto powered midget and had fun racing it on oval tracks at Sportsman’s Park in Bedford, Ohio and at the Cleveland Stadium until 1950. From midget racing on an oval track, he graduated to road racing with an 1100cc Bandini Siluro and found himself quite successful at Watkins Glen, taking 2nd place in 1951. It was that same year, 1951, that he and a few friends spearheaded the formation of the Cleveland Sports Car Club, which later proved to be instrumental in the development of the NEOHIO SCCA and was one of three signers of NEOHIO Region’s original charter. The 1950’s were very prolific for him in racing, maintaining a prosperous manufacturing company and sharing his love of racing with his wife and three children. A Mille, Miglia 202 Cisitalia became a much loved car that he raced at Watkins Glen, Elkart Lake, Bridgehampton, and Limerock. From 1953-1956, Dick had the most success racing a 1100cc Motto bodied Sport at Put-InBay, Watkins Glen, Bridgehampton, Lock Borne, and MacDill Airforce Bases. The final two races of his driving career were at the Akron Sports Car Races and he was successful at wining both of those races in the 1100cc Motto bodied sport. In 1957, he became partners in acquiring a 750cc Bandini and his future son-in-law, Mel Sachs, won the National championship for them that very year.

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