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November 26, 2019

RoadRally Sessions at 2020 Convention

Category: Club News


RoadRally Sessions at 2020 Convention

The National RoadRally Board is pleased to announce that following RoadRally sessions will be conducted at 2020 Sports Car Club of America® National Convention taking place January 16-19 at South Point Hotel and Casino in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada:

Road Rally Town Hall
Public forum to discuss issues related to the SCCA Road Rally program. Members of the Road Rally Board will be in attendance.

Road Rally Safety Steward Training
Michael Bennett
Participants will review highlights of the Road Rally Safety Steward Manual and Checklists for TSD and GTA road rallies. Following the review, participants will complete an “open book” test and receive certification as a Road Rally Safety Steward. (90 minutes)

Road Rally: Automated Checkpoint Timing
Rich Bireta
An exciting new option is now available for timing and scoring road rally events. The need for digital clocks, checkpoint equipment and checkpoint workers are completely eliminated. Contestants are notified immediately of their leg score. Come hear the basics and tips for getting started with this new system.

Social Road Rally
Ken McElroy
Instructions for setting up a Social Road Rally. This class will take you step by step through the process and will give you a check list to follow. This class will also introduce you to all of the forms that you will need and when they are due. This class is designed for regions who would like to set up a social rally program as a source of income and for recruiting new members.

Introduction to Time-Speed-Distance Rallying
Peter Schneider
Learn how to organize a fun Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) car rally for your Region. TSD car rallies are the lowest cost motorsport event that you can add to your Region’s calendar. Since they require two people per car, they are a great way for your members to participate with a friend or partner.

Increase attendance at your Road Rally
Jim Crittenden
Want more contestants at your Road Rally? Learn the no cost ways to promote your event and bring in as many cars as you can handle.

Hosting a Rally Trek
Wendy Harrison
Introducing SCCA’s newest event – the Rally Trek. This purely social, non-competitive event brings people and their cars together for a fun drive in the country. Easy to organize, Treks will be a great addition to your Region’s social scene.

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