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January 25, 2019

Sam Oram

Category: Hall of Fame


2019 Inductee

Sam Oram, a longstanding member of the Neohio Region, is perhaps best remembered in the flagging community. He began working at Nelson Ledges where his daughter Tara “Toe” Oram recalls staying with her mom in the camping area while dad was on the corner. Eventually Sam became Chief of Flagging for the region. He was also part of Lake Erie Communications providing services at Nelson Ledges and Mid-Ohio. After LEC leader Bill Benham passed away, Sam became its director in the late 1970’s and led the organization for nearly 20 years. Sam was partly responsible for keeping LEC intact when Les Griebling, owner of Mid-Ohio at the time, considered starting his own flagging group. Sam’s dedication to LEC was responsible for the long lasting run it has enjoyed following the passing of the original founders. Sam was also Neohio Trustee, a member of the Comp Board and ultimately RE in 1990 and 1991.       

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