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November 30, 2017

Solo Season Results – 2017

Category: Solo


Congratulations to everyone who participated in NEOHIO’s Solo Season this year. Below are your class trophy winners!

The NEOHIO Awards Banquet will be held on February 17th, 2018. We will present the year end trophies then, and reveal who earned the Cone Killer and Solo Spirit awards.

Street Classes
Driver Class Points Total
Ed Dale AS 54
Evan Smith BS 51
Kerianne Sidoti BSL 36
Jake Lippert CS 28
David Thum DS (1st) 45
Ro Janssen DS (2nd) 36
Joe Murphy ES 18
Thomas Emelko FS 37
Brian Estanek GS 38
Haans Petruschke HS 51
Street Touring Classes
Driver Class Points Total
Michael Wyban STF 36
Michael Oswalt STX 39
Street Prepared Classes
Driver Class Points Total
Preston Lapping ASP 36
Street Modified Classes
Driver Class Points Total
Eric Franz SSM 36

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