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June 5, 2017

NEOHIO Drivers at Mid-Ohio

Neohio had a great representation at Mid-Ohio this past weekend at the Hoosier Super Tour.  Great weather and even better racing both days!





Max Gee STU 7th 7th
William Moore T2 8th 6th
Ali Salih T3 1st 1st
Keith Jones T4 10th 10th
S. Sandy Satullo III SRF3 18th 8th
Dave Lancaster SRF3 9th 11th
James Libecco SRF3 8th 28th
G. Lee Spuhler SRF3 28th 30th
Ryan McManus  GT1  2nd  1st
Al Gaudino  GT1  3rd  2nd
Aaron Quine  GT2  1st  1st
Terry Gilles  GT2  5th  3rd
John Lechner  AS  7th  9th
AJ Roderick  SM  26th  20th
Robert MacDonald  SM  38th  28th
Dan Harding  SM  41st  35th
David Strittmatter  FP  5th  8th
Louis Decuzzi  EP  10th  6th
Rob Piekarczyk  B-Spec  1st  1st
Ted Sahley  B-Spec  2nd  5th
Tom Coury  B-Spec  3rd  2nd
David Harris  P2  7th  –
James Dietz  FF  8th  2nd
Brian Farnham  FV  5th  11th

Good Luck to those heading to the June Sprints in a couple of weeks.

Reminder to check the Neohio website for updated Region Championship Points. If you are missing an event, please contact Debbie LaFond at to have them updated.

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